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The fitness industry is booming every single day. It is no more a unique thing to see people moving around in gym clothes. Attend your customers more interactively even while you are sleeping.
Types of Fitness Apps
Fitness apps typically belong to the following categories:
• Training and workout
• Diet and nutrition
• Branded fitness club apps
• Wellness apps
• All-in-one apps

Features of Fitness app
• User personalization
• Wearable and non-wearable device integration
• Activity summaries by specific time period
• Goal setting
• Tracking metrics
• Push notifications
• Social sharing
• Community
• Gamification
• Video tutorials

There are many other features that you can come up with to extend the functionality of your app, including the barcode scanner, nutrition and recipes database, online consultations, and others.

When it comes to fitness mobile app development world, it’s a crowded place with myriad apps and the best way to succeed is to be different. Having these essential features can take your app a long way.

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