Xiongda provides shipping services from major ports in China to amazon fba in the United States, eliminating intermediate links in logistics, effectively reducing logistics costs, and providing one-stop quality logistics services.China to the United States cross-border transport to FBA warehouse service, for other exporters to provide the United States shipping FCL customized services.Tell us your needs, anytime and anywhere to provide you with the best logistics solution!With our shipping service, you can ship large quantities of goods in a short time at low cost and high efficiency.
Advantages of FBA shipping channel
Double package clearance service: free of customs clearance problems and high tariffs
Price validity: strong price stability, avoid the loss caused by frequent price changes
American clipper time is 15 days into the warehouse, to air 1/3 of the price to enjoy the same service, peak season must choose channels
The whole process can be tracked, so that you and guests more worry, peace of mind
FBA shipping service details
There will be no unreasonable additional charges at the port of destination;
Safe and secure delivery of goods from China to amazon warehouses.
Can assist to deal with customs clearance and tax issues, reduce customs clearance problems and the resulting return.
Provide special value-added operation services, according to amazon warehousing requirements for sorting, bar code and other operations.The American transit center can assist the seller to deal with the abnormal goods rejected and returned from the amazon warehouse, so as to avoid the high logistics fees directly returned to China.low price FBA Shipping

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